Face Treatments

We have a wide range of machine based, specialised and hands on facials to choose from. We like to personalise our facials to your skin type, working to balance and enhance natural radiance. Using either Environ, Aromatherapy Associates, Organic Made for Life, or a combination of all three!

Aromatherapy Associates

Machine Based / Specialised Facials

Aromatherapy Associates sources the finest natural ingredients and carefully combines essential oils to create therapeutic experiences that support specific wellbeing needs.

Aromatherapy Associates – Aroma Clear
55 minutes | £72


Aromatherapy Associates –
Teen Aroma Clear
40 minutes | £52


Aromatherapy Associates – Luxury, Anti Aging
85 minutes | £110
55 minutes | £75



Machine based / Specialised Facials 

Formulated by the highly influential plastic surgeon, Dr Des Fernandes. Environ is scientifically proven, and their products include a unique combination of active ingredients to both protect your skin from damage and breakouts whilst normalising, nourishing, and giving your skin vibrance.

Environ – Focus Treatments
45 minutes | £58


Environ – Essential Treatments
85 minutes | £95
55 minutes | £72


Environ – Cool Peels
55 minutes | £75
Course of 6 (recommended) | £390



Machine based / Specialised Facials

The CACI Synergy non-surgical face lifting, uses SPED microcurrent, high brilliance LED technology, ultrasound, and crystal free microdermabrasion. Any of our CACI treatments can be adapted to suit your individual needs and concerns. For best results all CACI courses are recommended 2/3 times a week

CACI Ultimate Toning
90 minutes | £120
Course of 10 | £1080
CACI Signature Toning
55 minutes | £68
Course of 10 | £615
CACI Jowl Lift
45 minutes | £48
Course of 10 | £435


CACI Eye Revive
45 minutes | £48
Course of 10 | £435
70 minutes | £79
Course of 10 | £715

Genie Take 10 

Machine Based / Specialised Facial

The genie system is 1000 times stronger than most other systems and will help rebuild your facial muscle mass. Genie provides a very intense facial which delivers fast, visible results after one session.

Genie – Take 10
25 minutes | £37
Course of 10 | £335


70 minutes | £79
Course of 10 | £715


The solution to every skin ageing concern! Endymed uses the most sophisticated form of radiofrequency energy to deliver treatments that target every layer of your skin. From deep within the skin, where the energy stimulates collagen production, to tighten, firm and improve your skin structure, all the way up to the skins surface, to smooth wrinkles, improve skin tone and restore radiance.

Using patented technology of 3Deep Skin Science, exclusively only to Endymed. There are several other machines on the market with different RF technologies such as monopolar and bipolar which are often extremely hot and uncomfortable. The 3DEEP techonology Skin Science achieves a heating depth four times greater than bipolar RF. The result of 3DEEP technology is a comfortable deep, volumetric heating which delivers high level and predictable clinical results with excellent levels of comfort and safety. 

From crows feet and eye hoods, to tired, sun-damaged skin and drooping jowls, whatever your area of concern, there is a Endymed treatment suitable. Each treatment delivers truly remarkable, natural and long-lasting rejuvenation results with minimal pain or downtime. 

EndyMed Tightening & Lifting
Course of 6 treatments over 8 weeks
iFine (eye tightening) | £600
Cheek or neck | £600
Cheek and neck | £900
iFine, cheek and neck combo | £1,350
Jawline with Minishaper | £600
EndyMed FSR
Course of 3 (4 weeks apart)
Endybleph (eyes) | £900
Endybleph with Muzzle | £1,150
Full face | £1,200
Face & Neck | £1,500
Neck only | £900
Full face with Endybleph | £1,500
EndyMed Intensif
Course of 3 (4 weeks apart)
Face | £1,500
Face & neck | £1,900

Skin Pen (Micro Needling)

The ultimate skin remodelling treatment used to stimulate collagen production to even out skin tone and texture, reducing acne scarring, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. Thousands of micro-injuries are caused to the skin using the safest skin pen device which is the only FDA cleared device on the market. These micro-injuries naturally force the skin to repair and rebuild itself revealing a more plump youthful skin.

Skin Pen (2 areas)
55 minutes (2 areas) £185
Course of 3 £495
Course of 6 £895


Skin Pen (all areas)
85 minutes (all areas) £220
Course of 3 £595
Course of 6 £1100



Dermaplaning is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the skin & removing “peach fuzz” which can trap dirt and oil, causing breakouts and a dull complextion. Benefits help with appearance of acne scarring, sun damage or superficial hyperpigmentation, as well as fine lines and wrinkles. Dermaplaning is painless with no recovery or down time.

55 minutes | £68


Deluxe Dermaplaning
85 minutes with LED or Environ Serum & Alginate Mask | £85


Lava Shell / Gua Sha Facial

Give your skin a reboot with a replenishing facial that will leave you radiant and glowing long after you’ve left the treatment room.

Triple Lift Lava Shell Thermal Facial
55 minutes | £72


Gua Sha Facial
55 minutes | £70


Hands on Facials

Tailored to your skin’s needs, our holistic hands on facials use either the luxurious Aromatherapy Associates, the 100% Organic Made for Life, or the scientifically proven Environ products. 

Mini Facial
25 minutes | £37


Hands On 55 minute facial
55 minutes | £69


Hands On 70 minute Facial
70 minutes | £78


Hands On 85 minute Facial
85 minutes | £89


Mini Facials & Add ons

What do you need most out of your facial? What do like best in a facial? In a hurry? Choose from our list of mini facials. Or if you prefer why not create your own personalised facial by adding two or three mini facials together?

MODM Mini Facial
25 minutes | £37


Environ Mini Facial
25 minutes | £37


Made For Life Organic Mini Facial
25 minutes | £37


Aromatherapy Associates Mini Facial
25 minutes | £37


Steam, Squeeze & Clarisonic Cleansing
25 minutes | £39


Microdermabrasion & Hydratone
25 minutes | £39


LED Light Therapy
15 minutes | £20


Injectable Rejuvenation

Isobel Wood is a highly experienced Medical Aesthetic Specialist Nurse. She provides powerful injectable and topical rejuvenation using products only available to the medical profession.

Isobel Wood Aesthetics


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Health Concerns

Please inform your therapist before your treatment commences of any health or medical conditions.

Before Your Treatment

If you are new to Esse please arrive 15 minutes prior to your treatments to allow yourself time to fill in a consultation form and enjoy a complimentary Organic Tea or Coffee.

Cancellation Policy

We ask that you give us at least 24 hours’ notice if you need to amend or cancel a reservation otherwise 50% of the treatment will be charged. Please call the Spa directly to cancel appointments, contact details can be found above.

Please note that we will be requesting credit card details to secure your booking online. 

Deposits & Payments

We require a £20 deposit per person for all Spa Days, payment can be taken over the phone or alternatively you can pop in and see us. 

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